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Tunnel 960
Tunnel 960 - Your best choice !! The most economic way of growing plants, flowers and vegetables for the small and medium size grower. The straight side allow easy working and cultivation of climbing parts such as tomato, cucumber, paper etc.

A modular system of the prefabricated components. very easy and fast to build even with unskilled people.
Available in standard width of 9.6 mtr and in multiple of 2.5 mtr from 20 mtr up to 100 mtr length.


  • Fixation of the film
    Fixed with special Aluminium profiles with spring steel insert that is re-usable. No plastic parts used.
  • Film Cover
    Imported from Europe.
    3 layer co-extruded formulation. High EVA content.
  • Strong and Durable
    Heavy 60 mm steel hoops.
    All components are galavanized and maintenance free.
  • Foundation
    Galvanized prefab steel elements in concrete.

  • Optional features
    • The straight sides can be covered permanently with film, fully open or with a roll up system (manual or motorized). To make the side insect-proof and additional screen of Polyam insect netting can be fitted.
    • A system of 24 volt motors and a Mini computer can automate the opening and closing of sides.
    • For extra ventilation an open top roofvent can be fitted on the top. This again can be provided with Polyam insect netting (available in different types).
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